November 27, 2015 |
Featured Hospital

New Orleans Public Hospital Re-opens 10 Years After Katrina
New Orleans, LA - Ten years after the levees and floodwalls broke during Hurricane Katrina and flooded New Orleans, the city finally has a full-scale public hospital again. View All Hospitals >
Featured Technology
Community Hospital Using Powerful 3T MRI/Ultrasound Technology in Fight Against Prostate Cancer
Munster, IN – Men with elevated and/or rising PSA levels concerned about a prostate cancer diagnosis or men in active surveillance of prostate cancer will get peace of mind with new 3T MRI technology being used at Community Hospital. Full Story >
On The Horizon
New Treatment Options for Advanced-Stage Cancer Patients Revealed Through Next-Generation Sequencing Test
New York, NY -- A powerful new test that can reveal untapped therapies for patients with advanced cancers by scanning thousands of their genes will soon be available for patients at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.  Full Story >
Smart Moves
Temple, HGE to Launch Digital Health Center
Philadelphia, PA - Digital health leader HGE Health Care Solutions, LLC announced today that it has launched a collaboration with the recently expanded Temple Lung Center at Temple University Health System. Full Story >
Continuing Education
BIOTRONIK Contines Support of Educational Forum
Oswego, OR - BIOTRONIK, Inc. continues its support of the Advanced Concepts in Electrophysiology (ACE), an educational program for electrophysiologists and device-oriented cardiologists, with the largest gathering this year in the program’s history. Full Story >
News Briefs
Researchers Find Experimental Drug Can Help Fight Debilitating Side Effect of Ovarian Cancer
Los Angeles, CA -- UCLA team finds new way to reduce painful, common condition called ascites. Full Story >
Lymph Node Transplant Can Provide Relief from Cancer-Related Lymphedema
New York, NY - A critical aspect of many cancer surgeries is the removal of nearby lymph nodes, but in some cases removing these lymph nodes causes a debilitating side effect called lymphedema. Full Story >
Healthcare IT
How One Struggling Hospital is on Track to Save $18M
Parkersburg, WV - The Camden Clark Medical Center had a serious financial problem. It had been cited for regularly having "poor operating performance" and was posting operating losses of more than $6 million and $15 million in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Full Story >
Featured Video
Mayo Expert: Artificial Liver Ready for Human Testing: On any given day about 15,000 Americans are on the liver transplant waiting list. It’s that kind of statistic that’s had doctors looking for alternatives for decades. Now, a new study in the Journal of Hepatology reports that Mayo Clinicresearchers may have a bioartificial liver ready to do the job for some of those patients. 
Safety First
Rice University Paper: End 'Stem Cell Tourism'
Houston, TX – The continued marketing and use of experimental stem cell-based interventions inside and outside the United States is problematic and unsustainable, according to a new paper by science policy and bioethics experts at Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy and Wake Forest University. Full Story >
Inner Ear Nerve Cells Warn Brain of Damage
Baltimore, MD -- Some nerve cells in the inner ear can signal tissue damage in a way similar to pain-sensing nerve cells in the body, according to new research from Johns Hopkins. Full Story >
Used Alone, Weight Loss Apps May Not Help Overweight Young Adults
Durham, N.C. -- Used alone, a cell phone app that tracks exercise, calories and weight loss goals is, on average, not enough to create meaningful weight loss in young adults, according to new research from Duke Medicine. Full Story >