July 5, 2015 |
Featured Hospital

Concord Hospital Implements Monitoring System to Help Keep Patients Safe
Concord, NH - Concord Hospital is introducing a high-tech video monitoring system to enhance patient safety.  View All Hospitals >
Featured Technology
Tufts MC and Floating Hospital Launch ER Check-in Application
Boston, MA - Tired of spending hours in a stuffy, overcrowded ER waiting room in Boston? Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children have the solution. Full Story >
On The Horizon
UVA Fertilization Discovery May Lead to Male Contraceptive
Charlottesville, VA - Groundbreaking new reproductive research from the School of Medicine has identified key molecular events that could be playing a critical role as sperm and egg fuse to create new life. Full Story >
Smart Moves
HHS Pursues Fast, Easy Test to Detect Ebola Virus Infections
Washington, DC - To assist doctors in diagnosing the Ebola virus disease quickly, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response will pursue development of an Ebola virus diagnostic test. Full Story >
Continuing Education
Hospital Leaders Urge Congress to Adequately Fund Graduate Medical Education
Chicago, IL - Hospital leaders briefed congressional staff on the important role that Medicare’s support for graduate medical education plays in helping teaching hospitals train the next generation of health care providers and urged Congress to provide adequate funding to support these efforts.  Full Story >
News Briefs
Promising New Drug Combo Offers Hope for People Battling Melanoma
Albuquerque, NM - Summer inspires many people to think about their vacation plans; it makes Montaser Shaheen, MD, think about melanoma. Full Story >
Texas Hospital Teams Perform First Scalp and Skull Transplant Along with Multi-organ Transplant
Houston, TX - First successful scalp and skull transplantation performed during kidney and pancreas transplants on a patient Full Story >
Healthcare IT
Medical Identity Theft Hits All-time High
Portland, ME - The lion's share of medical identity theft victims can expect to pay upwards of $13,500 to resolve the crime. What's more, about 50 percent of consumers say they would find another healthcare provider if they were concerned about the security of their medical records.  Full Story >
Featured Video
Driving With Severe Arthritis: Arthritis can make a person’s joints swollen and stiff, limiting movement of the shoulders, hands, head, or neck. This can make it hard to grasp or turn the steering wheel, apply the brake and gas pedals, put on a seatbelt, or get in and out of a car. A driving rehabilitation specialist can evaluate your driving and may be able to recommend adaptations to your vehicle that will make it easier and safer to drive.
Safety First
Higher Quality Screening Colonoscopies Associated With Lower Risk of Colorectal Cancer Death, Without Higher Overall Costs
Rockville, MD - An analysis suggests that higher adenoma detection rates may be associated with up to 50 percent to 60 percent lower lifetime colorectal cancer incidence and death without higher overall costs. Full Story >
El Camino Hospital Enrolls First Patient in Safety Study Using RenovoCath
Mountain View, CA - El Camino Hospital has enrolled the first patient in a safety study using the RenovoCath™ Full Story >
Children's Hospital Plans Series of Safety Camps for Kids
Columbia, MO - The University of Missouri Children's Hospital presents safety-themed summer camps to prevent childhood injuries.
Full Story >