October 21, 2014 |
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Significantly Reducing Radiation Exposure During Heart Procedures
Houston, TX - In an ongoing effort to reduce radiation exposure for cardiac patients, Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute-Southwest offers an alternative surgical treatment option for arrhythmia, or an irregular heart rhythm. View All Hospitals >
"The New Medicine"
Why the First Closed Loop Artificial Pancreas Did Not Come From a Medical School
Dr. Scott Hammond

Editor’s Note: This is the first in an ongoing series exclusive to Medical-Horizons.Net on the future of healthcare. For more informations see "From the Publisher" righthand column.

Santa Barbara, CA - Recently, Medical-Horizons.net had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Scott Hammond of the University of California Santa Barbara's Translational Medical Research Laboratories.

M-H.Net: Dr. Hammond, thank you for taking to time to speak with us today.  We’re excited to have this opportunity to learn about your approach to translational medicine at TMRL.  We’re accustomed to seeing breakthrough research associated with medical schools, but you’re doing something a little different here. Can you explain?

Dr. Hammond: As Executive Director of the UCSB Translational Medical Research Laboratories I’m frequently heard saying “no medical school, no problem.”  At the TMRL we’re redefining biomedical research by applying a “systems approach” to medical research and partnering with researchers and clinicians from around the world to develop solutions and expedite the application of medical research. 

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Featured Technology
Advanced Brain Monitoring Launches Sleep Apnea Therapy Device
Carlsbad, CA - Advanced Brain Monitoring, a maker of sleep diagnosis and treatment devices, has launched its Night Shift treatment for positional obstructive sleep apnea and snoring in patients whose condition worsens when they sleep on their back Full Story >
On The Horizon
Virtual Breast Could Improve Cancer Detection

Houghton, MI - So many medical professionals encourage women to get mammograms, even though the tests are imperfect at best: only a minority of suspicious mammograms actually leads to a cancer diagnosis. That results in lots of needless worry for women and their families—not to mention the time, discomfort and expense of additional tests, including ultrasounds and biopsies.

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Smart Moves
NIH Invests Almost $32 Million to Increase Utility of Biomedical Research Data
NIH Big Data to Knowledge infographic Bethesda, MD - Wide-ranging National Institutes of Health grants announced today will develop new strategies to analyze and leverage the explosion of increasingly complex biomedical data sets, often referred to as Big Data. These NIH multi-institute awards constitute an initial investment of nearly $32 million in fiscal year 2014 by NIH’s Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative, which is projected to have a total investment of nearly $656 million through 2020, pending available funds. Full Story >
News Briefs
New Melanoma Drug Turns on the Immune System to Fight Deadly Cancers
Patient Tom Stutz (left) with Dr. Antoni Ribas (right) Los Angeles, CA - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved a new immunotherapy drug to treat advanced melanoma, signaling a paradigm shift in the way the deadly skin cancer is treated. Hear some first hand video testimonial from two survivors. Full Story >
Patient Treated With Experimental Brain Protection System During TAVR
Santa Rosa, CA - Claret Medical said Monday that the first U.S. patient had been successfully treated in its efficacy study of the Sentinel cerebral protection system, a small catheter designed to protect the brain from stroke during transcatheter aortic valve replacement and other endovascular procedures. Full Story >
Healthcare IT
iPads Used to Teach Sleep Apnea Patients About CPAP Use
App entrance screen Boston, MA - In the first program of its type for people using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine to help improve their sleep, clinicians at National Sleep Therapy (NST) are providing every new patient with a training session that employs an iPad, under the guidance of a Respiratory Therapist. Full Story >
First Annual "Creative Minds in Medicine" Conference to Launch
Cleveland, OH – In an effort to bring awareness to the ever-growing link between medicine and the arts, Cleveland-based, Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC) will be hosting its first ever Creative Minds in Medicine Conference at the new Cleveland Global Center for Health Innovation. Full Story >
Featured Video
FIRST EVER 3D PRINTED VERTEBRA Chin, a 12-year-old Chinese boy suffering from bone cancer, has become the very first recipient of a 3D printed artificial vertebra. The five hour surgery was performed at Peking University.
Safety First
Public-Private Partnerships Vital to Advance Ebola Treatment Pipeline
Daian Cheng, P.h.D. - Analyst, GlobalData London, UK - In the battle against Ebola, incentives from governments and healthcare policymakers have been and will continue to be vital for advancing the current treatment pipeline, by mitigating the risk and up-front costs from pharmaceutical companies, says an analyst with research and consulting firm GlobalData. Full Story >
New Discovery Approach Accelerates Identification of Potential Cancer Treatments
Ann Arbor, MI - Researchers at the University of Michigan have described a new approach to discovering potential cancer treatments that requires a fraction of the time needed for more traditional methods. Full Story >
Additional Reading
New Comprehensive Book on Treatments for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Sacramento, CA - Significant progress has been made in identifying the neurobiological mechanisms of several disorders, and targeted treatments are modifying patients’ outcomes. But how to use this knowledge has not been summarized in one place for clinicians. Treatment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Targeting Neurobiological Mechanisms fills that gap, providing both the theoretical underpinnings as well as the latest advances in targeted treatments. Full Story >