March 22, 2018 |
Medical Horizons

As the industry's latest news and information forum, is designed specifically to be a single venue where all nurses, practitioners, clinicians and management teams can share their ideas and vision. The site has the simple goal of improving healthcare through better communication.

Who is Leading the Way - And How will provide:

- The opportunity to discover and explore new treatments & procedures.

- A chance to see who is leading the way in improving patient and staff safety; efficiency, staff retention and profitability, news about infection control - and, most importantly, improving patient outcomes.

- A place where anyone in healthcare can find a new voice. This is meant to be a true forum for sharing stories, clinical knowledge and experience – one that can be tapped into quickly and easily.

You will not only be able to see who is moving the industry forward, but how they are doing it. All healthcare professionals can then adapt these ideas and best practices for their facility.

A Growing Forum

"News and features will be updated regularly at," said Associate Editor Matt Lucivero. "In the coming weeks, feature spotlight interviews- sharing stories and experiences of nurses, practitioners, clinicians, IT managers and hospital executives- will become a regular part of We are currently working on expanding the forum and are open to new story ideas."

Lucivero encourages all those in, or who are interested in, the Healthcare industry to visit the site and register for free news flash updates.

Medical-Horizons welcomes feedback, comments and contributions from its valued readers. 

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