New MobileHelp® Tablet Allows for Patient-Doctor Communication

Las Vegas, NV — MobileHelp®, a producer of mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) and healthcare technology solutions recently launched its newest base station – a tablet format that they believe blends the safety benefits of a medical alert system with the added health benefits of telehealth technology and video conferencing.

The device is the first medical alert system with an interactive touchscreen as well as photo sharing, message sending, and video chatting capabilities, which the company believes will help patients connect better with healthcare professionals.

The tablet was designed to give consumers the ability to achieve better health management, with a potential reduction in healthcare costs. According to research conducted by Judith Hibbard of the University of Oregon, patients who are not engaged in their own health incur costs that averaged up to 21 percent higher than patients actively engaged in monitoring aspects of their own health.

“As we move into the very near future, healthcare and its delivery will become radically more accessible through technology tools such as this,” said Robert Flippo, MobileHelp CEO. “MobileHelp will continue to extend its product platform to allow people to manage new aspects of their health.”

In addition to giving consumers the ability to access emergency help if and when they need it, the tablet allows consumers to track and trend their vital signs through its MobileVitals application, and then communicate those results to their healthcare provider.

The device will also allow patients access to video resources, medication reminders, activity tracking, email, and other educational resources, and will work in conjunction with MobileHelp’s other Fall Button and Wall Button products. Link

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