Facebook Live's First CME-Accredited Livestream Course

Basking Ridge, NJ — Physician’s Weekly and Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare (AKH) recently launched the first ever CME-accredited course broadcast through Facebook’s Live functionality. Zubin Damania, MD, also known as ZDoggMD, a physician and internet personality known for his healthcare-centric parody music videos, hosts the 40-minute course on moral decisions entitled “Understanding the Righteous Mind.”

Broadcast on the ZDoggMD Facebook page on December 12th, the course was viewed 34,000 times and received 600 comments during the live session. The course will remain on the page as well as Physician’s Weekly’s website until it expires on December 14, 2017.

After viewing the course, physicians and nurses will be required to take a post test to claim .5 CME credits.

Due to the live aspect of the course, Dr. Damania was able to interact with his viewers, answering any questions his viewers had in real time. In an interview with Medical Marketing and Media, Physician’s Weekly CEO Ezra Ernst said that this course is to be the first in a series of CME initiatives they have planned for various social media platforms including, potentially, Twitter and Snapchat. 

ZDoggMD hosting the first CME-accredited Facebook Live course.
Dr. Zubin Damania during the Facebook Live stream.

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