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Germ-Fighting Robot Targets Hospital Superbugs
June 25, 2013  | 

Houston, TX - A Star Wars-like robot, more than 5-feet tall, is fighting germs at The Methodist Hospital.

The TRU-D, or Total Room Ultraviolet Disinfection robot, targets bacteria and viruses commonly found in hospitals. The robot emits natural ultraviolet light that modifies the DNA structure of the pathogens’ cells which prevents them from reproducing.

“Any organism that can’t reproduce can’t cause infection by colonizing on patients’ bodies,” said Mario Soares, the hospital’s director of infection prevention and control.

The robot supplements the hospital’s more traditional cleaning methods, and sterilizes operating rooms and patient isolation areas like intensive care units to offer patients an additional layer of protection against germs, Soares said.

With just one use, the TRU-D robot has demonstrated a 99.9 percent disinfection of bacteria and viruses such as influenza and norovirus, he said.

A recent study funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and published in the journal Infection Control and Epidemiology supported previous studies confirming the effectiveness of the TRU-D robot in combating pathogens. Continue>

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