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Novel Device May Help Stop Leaky Heart Valves
July 2, 2013  | 

San Diego, CA –  Virginia Anderer, a native of Chicago, never thought she would see her beloved city again due to her failing heart which prevented her from traveling. But the 84-year-old Southern California resident was recently able to return to the Windy City – with her doctor’s blessing – thanks in part to a minimally invasive device that has the potential to fix her leaky heart valve.

Anderer was the first patient in San Diego and at Scripps Health to receive a MitraClip as part of the Clinical Outcomes Assessment of the MitraClip Percutaneous Therapy for High Surgical Risk Patients (COAPT) Trial. The MitraClip device is designed to reduce significant mitral regurgitation by clipping together the leaflets of the mitral valve (one of the four valves of the heart). This condition occurs when the heart's mitral valve doesn't close tightly.

“Traditionally, there have been no good treatment options available for patients, like Mrs. Anderer, who suffer from significant mitral regurgitation and are too high risk for surgery,” said Dr. Matthew Price, who implanted the MitraClip device as principal investigator for COAPT at Scripps Clinic. “Now, using advanced imaging techniques and catheters, we were able to repair Mrs. Anderer’s leaking heart valve  without the need for open-heart surgery.”

In Anderer’s case, she was experiencing significant shortness of breath that was getting progressively worse and having a detrimental effect on her quality of life. She was no longer benefiting from medication and, because of her age and medical history, open heart surgery was not an option. Continue>

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