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First National Organization Supporting Nurse Care Coordinators is Formed
July 10, 2013  | 

Cincinnati OH – Mercy Health announces that its experienced nurse care coordinators have formed the very first national organization to support nurses in care coordinator roles and members of population health management teams.

Approved by the State of Ohio, the Registered Nurse Ambulatory Care Coordinator Association (RNACCa) is a non-profit organization that works to support and strengthen evidence-based practice among nurse care coordinators and other population health management professionals.

Nurse care coordinators work as part of population health management teams that play a key role in delivering healthcare transformation. These teams work directly with patients to manage patient care more effectively and efficiently. Working closely with patients, Mercy Health’s nurse care coordinators helped drive a 51% reduction in hospital admissions, a 35% reduction in readmissions and a 37% reduction in emergency department visits over the course of a yearlong pilot. They are delivering similar results for Mercy Health Select, Mercy Health’s Accountable Care Organization, which looks after 25,000 patients in Greater Cincinnati.

“As more Accountable Care Organizations form, RNACCa’s goal is to provide relevant health care transformation guidance and education,” said Teaera Roland, MSN, RN, who cofounded RNACCa together with nurse care coordinators Holly Talmage and Lisa Cobb.

“Our members will share experiences, provide helpful hints for getting started, finding resources and treating patients and promote further education and research into care coordination,” adds cofounder Holly Talmage, BSN, RN. Continue>

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