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New Roll Stand Helps Prevent Infection
August 7, 2013  | 

Munich, DE – CIM med, the specialist for stationary and mobile carrier systems, has introduced its “Barrier Nursing Cart.” This mobile system provides caregivers with all the materials needed for protection against infection. The goal is to make working in hygienic conditions is easier and portable. This space-saving roll stand was developed in a collaboration with the nursing staff at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, Great Britain to best meet CIM med’s fundamental approach, meeting the needs and requirements of the customer.

Not every room has infection protection. So CIM med came up with a solution, the mobile “Barrier Nursing Cart” (BNC) system. The roll stand has a support for gloves, disinfectants and protective clothing. This light-weight construction is easy to maneuver thanks to its aluminum base. Plus, it takes up little space. The BNC allows nursing personnel to have every-thing they need in one place, in order to prevent the spread of infections. The roll stands are equipped individually depending on the requirements of each hospital.

The Royal Sussex County Hospital had long been on the lookout for new ways to improve patient care. “The direct feedback and close working relationship with CIM med has produced an intuitive solution and product to which all staff can relate“, says Cristina Osorio, head nurse of the renal ward, commenting on the new solution. “Usually every ward in the hospital is different. It’s a joy to arrive at a ward and have every-thing together in one place, just where I need it”, adds a nurse from the Royal Sussex Hospital. Continue>

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