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NIH Announces Awards to Strengthen the Biomedical Research Workforce
September 24, 2013  | 

Bethesda, MD - The National Institutes of Health is making available approximately $3.7 million  for awards to enhance training opportunities for graduate students and  postdoctoral scholars to prepare them for careers in the biomedical research  workforce.

“NIH  recognizes that there are many ways in which biomedical Ph.D. graduates can  meaningfully contribute to the biomedical research enterprise,” said NIH  Director Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D. “The future of biomedical research  depends upon a sustainable and robust workforce, in which talented,  well-trained scientists are best prepared to make significant contributions in academia,  industry, government, business, and other venues.”

Scientific training (BEST  Awards) will support bold and innovative approaches to increase student and  trainee exposure to multiple research and research-related career options.  These new approaches could include coursework, rotations, workshops and  hands-on training experiences, or other forms of exposure. Each BEST awardee  will be required to evaluate whether or not these novel approaches are  successful, share lessons learned with the other BEST awardees, and work with  other BEST awardees to share information about successful approaches with the  biomedical research training community.

The  first recipients of the NIH BEST awards are:

  • Dr.  Joel Baines, Cornell University BEST Training Program,  Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
  • Drs.  Roger Chalkley and Kathleen Gould, Vanderbilt ASPIRE Program, Vanderbilt  University Medical Center, Nashville
  • Drs.  Cynthia Fuhrmann and Phillip Zamore, An Integrated Curriculum and  Community-Based Approach to Career Development, University of Massachusetts  Medical School, Worcester
  • Dr.  Ambika Mathur, Wayne State University – Broadening Experiences in Scientific  Training (BEST), Wayne State University, Detroit
  • Drs.  Nael McCarty, Mary DeLong, Wendy Newstetter, Lisa Tedesco, and Keith Wilkinson,  Beyond the Professoriate: Transforming Pathways for Biomedical Research  Careers, Emory University, Atlanta
  • Drs.  Frederick Meyers, Lars Berglund, and Andrew Hargadon, Frontiers of University  Training to Unlock the Research Enterprise (FUTURE), University of California,  Davis
  • Drs.  Keith Micoli and Carol Reiss, NYU STEP, New York University School of Medicine,  New York City
  • Drs.  Teresa O’Brien, Jennie Dorman, William Lindstaedt, and Keith Yamamoto,  Motivating INformed Decisions (MIND): Careers for the Future Biomedical  Workforce, University of California, San Francisco
  • Drs.  Audra Van Wart and Michael Friedlander, Mentorship and Development Program for  Biomedical Trainees, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,  Blacksburg
  • Dr.  Inge Wefes, Innovative Biomedical Graduate Training for Workforce Readiness,  University of Colorado, Denver

More  information on these awards can be found on http://commonfund.nih.gov/workforce/fundedresearch.aspx. Continue>

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