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Achieving an AIDS-Free World is no Longer an Idealistic Aspiration—it is an Achievable Goal
October 24, 2013  | 

New York, NY - Ahead of the translational medicine conference What Will it Take to Achieve an AIDS-free World? The Lancet, and The Lancet Infectious Diseases published a set of new Reviews and Comments analysing the changing landscape of HIV / AIDS research.

  • Early initiation of antiretroviral therapy has potential to reduce the incidence of HIV, but logistical challenges must not prevent best use of medicines
  • HIV as a chronic disease poses new challenges for treatment and over-burdened health care systems
  • HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder and metabolic disease—new implications of HIV infection in the era of antiretroviral therapy
  • Despite the achievements in fighting HIV in the last three decades, “much unfinished business” remains

In The Lancet, Professor Myron Cohen, from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA, and co-authors review growing evidence that wider, earlier initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) could reduce incidence of HIV in the population.  However, the authors warn that the full benefits of this strategy will probably require universal access to very early ART and excellent adherence to treatment—which will present serious challenges to healthcare infrastructures.  Continue>

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