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Tuscan Medical Center CEO Encourages Wellness Among Employees
November 5, 2013  | 

Tuscan, AZ - The synergy machine provides a Crossfit-style workout You could consider a new place a success when it’s barely been broken in, and expansion plans are already underway. 

That’s exactly what’s happening at Tucson Medical Center’s Optimal Results gym.

The fitness facility was the brainchild of TMC President & CEO Judy Rich.  She told staff at an employee forum early last year that if they could reduce their health care claims by $500,000, she would build them a gym on campus.

Employees reduced their claims, and Rich made good on her promise. 

But that’s just where the story begins. 

When TMC’s new Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower opened up in May 2013, the newly vacated operating suites in the main part of the hospital sat empty, providing ample space for the project: 5,000 square feet.

TMC Vice President, Community Benefit Division, Julia Strange, took over the reins for the project, and assembled a group of about two dozen employees who created the Gym Committee.  The group tackled things like membership, equipment, and policy/procedures. Continue>

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