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Deserving Patients Receive Free Total Joint Replacement Surgery
December 11, 2013  | 

Tuscon, AZ – On Friday, Dec. 6, 10 patients from around Southern Arizona will receive the joint replacement surgery they so desperately need, but are unable to afford.  It’s all made possible through a partnership between Tucson Medical Center and Operation Walk, a private, not-for-profit, volunteer medical services organization that provides free surgical treatment for patients who do not have access to life-improving care for debilitating bone and joint conditions.

Orthopaedic surgeonThe inspiration for the program came in 2010, immediately following the earthquake in Haiti.  Dr. Russell Cohen, an orthopaedic surgeon at TMC, went to Haiti to help out.  A few months after that, Dr. Cohen and TMC staff went to Vietnam with a group called Operation Walk International, a non-profit organization that sends volunteer surgeons to developing countries to perform joint replacements.  Paying his own way he performed much needed surgeries and returned to the US motivated from his trip. "I thought, if we can do this around the world, why don’t we bring this program here, and help our people at home?" Dr. Cohen asked himself.  “I was very moved by the gratitude people showed.  It's a true honor to take care of those with no means to otherwise be helped.  I wanted to help those in need who live in our community.”   Continue>

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