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New Technologies To Improve Enterprise-wide Medication Management
December 13, 2013  | 

San Diego, CA - CareFusion announced multiple new technologies across its device and software platforms to help improve the safety, efficiency and cost of intravenous (IV) medications to enhance enterprise-wide medication management at the Annual ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition. 

For the first time, hospitals will be able to seamlessly track IV medication from the time it arrives at the loading dock to when it is administered to the patient and then record it in the electronic health record (EHR). The new technologies will also be able to track unused IV medications for return to the hospital pharmacy for possible reuse, saving time and money. The new capability is made possible through innovations across multiple CareFusion technologies.

Building on the continued success of the Pyxis® ES platform, new technologies under the Pyxis® brand include hardware and software that tracks medication at the hospital's receiving department and helps to better organize inventory and optimize labor efficiency within the hospital pharmacy and IV room. The Pyxis IV system* provides enhanced workflows and a more efficient process for compounding IVs. In addition, new tracking features can locate IV medications across the hospital to determine where medication orders are in the delivery process. This enhanced visibility can save clinicians time locating medications and can save hospitals money by better managing the IV return or reuse process. Continue>

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