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Inspirational Journey Brings Honduran Girl to Tucson OR
January 14, 2014  | 

Tucson, AZ - They say ‘laughter is the best medicine.’

Silvia in Honduras

Silvia in Honduras

So it’s no wonder 14-year-old Silvia is doing remarkably well as she recovers from major spine surgery she had done at TMC.  The Honduras native is described as “the most energetic, outgoing person you will ever meet.”  She has an infectious giggle that fills the house of her host family – a house that has been her home for the past three months.  Silvia suffered from a severe case of scoliosis and required a spinal fusion with a rod placement, but didn’t have access to the treatment in Honduras.  Her widowed mother, who sells bread for a living, didn’t have the money or access to seek out the medical attention her daughter so desperately needed.

Healing the Children (HTC) is a nonprofit charitable organization that helps underserved children throughout the world secure urgently needed medical assistance they otherwise are unable to obtain.  As part of the program, Silvia was flown to Arizona in October 2013 along with another little girl named Doris who underwent a similar surgery at a Phoenix area hospital.  The girls bonded with their host family, the Shoemakers, for a few weeks before their operations.  Continue>

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