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Real-Time Operational Intelligence to Change Work Flow and Care for Patients
March 5, 2014  | 

Sioux Falls, SD - Sanford Health has selected Fargo-based Intelligent InSites to develop a real-time, enterprise-wide solution to help improve operational efficiency, quality and patient experience.  The $30 million solution supports Sanford’s objectives to decrease operational costs, reduce delays in patient care and increase clinical efficiencies and staffing productivity over the next several years.  InSites will deliver real-time, in-the-moment information to help staff at all steps of the patient care experience.

Sanford’s implementation of the Intelligent InSites software takes in real-time location data and interprets it into helpful intelligence in the form of tasks and notifications, visualized locations of people and equipment on map views, and in-depth analytics and reporting showing utilization, duration of equipment or people in various statuses, and so on. This data will provide Sanford with unprecedented visibility, analytics, and intelligence into its operational processes.  Initial uses include asset management, temperature monitoring, ambulatory workflow, and operating room workflow.  Future use cases may include emergency department workflow, hand hygiene monitoring, and inpatient workflows.

Sanford and Intelligent InSites want to seamlessly integrate this solution into day-to-day activities to provide staff with the right information, at the right time, and on the right device. A few examples include: personalized mobile apps that help caregivers prioritize rounds and track progress against department goals like time at bedside or call light responsiveness; and automatically-updated view boards that show hospital patients their care team, what to expect for the day and even when the lunch cart arrives on the floor—all with the goal of improving staff and patient experiences while increasing efficiency. Continue>

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