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Accountable Care Organization Aims to Improve Healthcare for Residents
March 12, 2013  | 

Tuscon, AZ - Members of the Arizona Connected Care(AzCC), UnitedHealthcare (UHC) and various leaders, community members and brokers announced the official collaboration between AzCC and UHC. The collaboration represented an important milestone—AzCC’s first private payer contract—which will focus on enhancing care delivery and lowering costs for UHC’s patient population in Southern Arizona.

Changing the approach to health care is exactly what a small group of physicians, nurses and hospital administrators in Tucson started seriously discussing about five years ago.  The bottom line: Escalating health care costs were unsustainable for a nonprofit community hospital, and for the rest of the country.  As Tucson Medical Center CEO Judy Rich said, “We knew we needed to do things differently.”

AzCC grew out of these discussions and became the first accountable care organization (ACO) in Southern Arizona one year ago.  “AzCC is an organization of independent providers.  It includes more than 250 clinicians, and is a physician driven and directed organization,” said John Friend, Executive Director of AzCC and TMC’s VP of Business Affairs.

The group set out with a desire to shift the paradigm of health care to reduce the overall cost, increase quality and improve access to care for patients. This combination was dubbed the “Triple Aim.”

“In order to do this, we have to help people avoid hospitalization, and get them into the care of their primary care physicians.  It’s only been a year since we entered into this partnership, but we are already starting to see results on all three pillars of the Triple Aim,” said Rich. Continue>

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