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Veteran with MS Adaptive Sports Champ
March 21, 2013  | 

“Nobody gonna slow me down…”

Meet Jeanne Goldy-Sanitate. Jersey JeanneOr, “Jersey Jeanne,” as she is known at numerous adaptive sports events around the country.

An Air Force and National Guard Veteran, she believes sports has changed her life and helps her deal with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) in a positive way.

Jeanne served in the Medical Service Corps as a medic and optometry technician. She was stationed in Germany, the United Kingdom, and bases in the U.S. and was active in intramural sports at all her duty stations. She played tennis and was ranked third in the United Kingdom in a military tennis tournament. She also played several positions in softball including shortstop and pitcher. In her “spare” time, she ran 6 kilometers a day and played golf with friends in her unit.

 In 1982, Jeanne started to have weakness and numbness in her right hand. In 1984, she sustained a spine injury, which left her a paraplegic. She entered a rigorous physical therapy program while still performing her duties as an optometric technician. She regained the ability to fully walk with a cane in six months. Part of her rehabilitation was cycling since she could no longer run.

Upon discharge from the Air Force, she became active in sports and swam 1½ miles a day, played intramural water polo, tennis, and joined a cycling club. Continue>

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