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Rose Medical Launches their "Instant Voice System" at the AACN
May 20, 2014  | 

Carlsbad, CA, May 20, 2014: Rose Medical Systems, Inc. is launching their patented “Instant Voice System” at this year’s AACN meeting being held in Denver, Colorado from May 20th through May 22nd. The National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition (NTI) is the premier conference for high acuity and critical care nurses.

Instant Voice is the first technology that allows “Temporarily” speech disabled patients the ability to fully communicate their physical as well as their emotional needs to their doctors, nurses, caregivers, family and friends!

Each year in the U.S. alone, there are over eight million patients who “Temporarily” lose their ability to communicate. Five million of these patients are in the ICU. These patients lose their ability to speak largely due to intubation, stroke, spinal cord injury, neck or facial surgery, burns, or in some cases, they are simply too weak to produce speech. This inability to communicate is the single largest complaint among these patients. (Source: AACN) Instant Voice will lead to better patient care, increased nursing efficiency and better patient satisfaction!

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