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Methods to Help Cancer Survivors Cope with Lingering Pain
June 25, 2014  | 

Albuquerque, NMMore and more people are surviving their cancer but unfortunately survival can come with pain. Although many people won’t feel any pain after their cancer treatment, some may have chronic, bothersome pain. The persistantly troubling pain reminds them of their cancer every time they perform an everyday task. In a very few cases, pain can be so severe that it keeps people from enjoying the life they fought so hard to preserve. Fortunately, cancer survivors in pain can find relief. In a review paper published this month in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Esmé Finlay, MD, and her colleagues describe ways to combat pain after cancer treatment.

“There are lots of ways to treat post-cancer pain,” says Dr. Finlay, who is a University of New Mexico Cancer Center physician. “The intent of this paper is to educate all the different types of providers who are seeing patients after their cancer is cured and spur oncologists, survivorship teams, and primary care physicians to work better together if a cancer survivor needs different kinds of help to manage pain."

Cancer survivors can have pain from surgery, especially if their surgeon had to cut nerves to remove their tumor or from their chemotherapy drugs. Aside from nerve and chemotherapy damage, cancer survivors may also have lymphedema or trouble moving parts of the body that were cut to remove a tumor. Continue>

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