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Some of the 2014 Most Wired Hospitals Share Their Success Stories
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Hospitals and health systems are making strides in using data analytics to promote population health management, but it is a steep climb. In this video, H&HN editors discuss some of the key findings of the 2014 Most Wired survey.

Ochsner Health System, New Orleans

Engaging Patients in a Different Way

Warner Thomas understands that the move to value is about more than changes to reimbursement streams. Ultimately, it's about becoming more patientcentric.

"We realize that health care is becoming more retail-based and more transparent with patients who are more educated and will be armed with more information," says Thomas, president and chief executive officer of Ochsner Health System, New Orleans. "With that, we have to be more patientcentric and focused on their needs."

Technology is front and center in that effort.

"We're looking at how we can build a relationship with our patients," he says. "Amazon is constantly building relationships with its customers. How can we be that proactive? Can we connect with them to find out if they exercised today? Did they take their medication? We don't want to be a pest, but a resource. That's what we have to do in this transition."

Recognizing the need to meet patients on their terms, Ochsner is piloting a mobile-friendly program at its flagship primary care site. Through O Bar, patients get help downloading health apps appropriate to their lifestyles to smartphones or tablets. A team of Ochsner staff combed through thousands of mHealth apps and cultivated what they consider to be the best of the best. The eventual goal is to allow data to flow from the apps into Ochsner's electronic health system, which is expected to lead to greater patient engagement. Continue>

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