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Impact of Hourly Nursing Rounds on Patient Safety and Satisfaction
August 4, 2014  | 

Chicago, IL – Adoption of hourly rounds schedules for nurses working in acute care hospitals may improve patient safety and overall satisfaction with care provided, according to research reported in the Journal for Healthcare Quality, the peer reviewed publication of the National Association for Healthcare Quality.

Nursing leadership at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston investigated whether a standard hourly nursing rounding process implemented though a formal education program would result in improved efficiencies, patient satisfaction and improved quality and safety metrics when compared to a less standardized implementation process. Two 32-bed cardiovascular surgery nursing units (serving as active and control groups) were chosen for the study. Data were collected for six months.

Variables evaluated in the study were:
• Efficient delivery of care measured by total number of call lights, steps walked in a shift as documented on pedometers and from a survey of nursing staff citing perceptions of having “enough time” to complete their work
• Quality/safety of patient care measured by weekly readmission rates and incidence of patient falls
• Patient satisfaction gauged by answers from patients for two questions added to discharge phone questionnaires.

Results showed that daily and weekly call light use differed significantly in the two units, but there was no difference in staff steps logged or perceptions of having enough time to complete work. Continue>

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