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Neurosurgeon Performs Unique Surgery - Extended Endoscopic Skull-based Surgery of the Brain
August 12, 2014  | 

Louisville, KY — A surgeon at University of Louisville Hospital, part of KentuckyOne Health, recently performed an extended endoscopic skull-based surgery of the brain, a unique surgery of its kind. 

Performed by Dr. Mary Koutourousiou, assistant professor of neurosurgery, at the University of Louisville and director of the skull base program, the minimally invasive surgery was done to help restore the eyesight of a 34-year-old man who suffered from a malignant brain tumor located at the base of the skull.

Extended endoscopic skull-based surgery is performed through the nose and enables surgeons to remove brain tumors and lesions – some as large as softballs. During the procedure, which takes an average of six hours, surgeons use a specially designed endoscope to view the tumor and additional instruments to dissect it piece-by-piece through the nasal cavity.

This approach reduces risks and recovery times for the patient who would otherwise need a craniotomy, which requires temporary removal of a bone flap from the skull to access the brain and brain retraction to reach the tumor. 

“The base of the skull is one of the most challenging regions of the body to access,” said Dr. Koutourousiou. “Using an endoscopic endonasal approach provides a panoramic view of the base of the skull and the patient’s tumor.” Continue>

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