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First Annual "Creative Minds in Medicine" Conference to Launch
October 8, 2014  | 
Cleveland, OH – In an effort to bring awareness to the ever-growing link between medicine and the arts, Cleveland-based, Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC) will be hosting its first ever Creative Minds in Medicine Conference at the new Cleveland Global Center for Health Innovation. This conference, which takes place on October 29th and 30th, focuses on four common ways in which arts and culture often intersects with healthcare:
  1. Arts integration in healthcare environments: The infusion of arts and culture in, or the design of, settings where healthcare and medical treatment are given to individuals.
  2. Participatory arts and health: The engagement of individuals and communities in arts and culture activities and therapies for the promotion of broader clinical and general wellness outcomes.
  3. Arts and health integration with community development, public health and human services: The ability of arts and culture tostrengthen social ties and serve as a rallying point from which communities can address public health and social equity issues.
  4. Arts and culture in medical curricula: The enrichment of medical training programs through the integration of arts and culture.

The report uses six case studies to provide concrete examples of some of these ideas in practice:

  • Lifting the Spirit: Cleveland Clinic Arts and Medicine Institute -looks at their programs engaging in, and studying, the impact of art on patients, families and staff in health care settings.
  • Living Until You Die: Hospice of the Western Reserve -looks at the ways that an architect used design ideas to address the particular needs of hospice patients and their families when designing the Hospice of the Western Reserve’s Ames Family Hospice House;
  • Color Helps: Art Therapy Studio -looks at the direct impact that the Art Therapy Studio, and similar locations, can have with patients suffering from mental illnesses;
  • Banishing Boredom: Cleveland Museum of Natural History -shows how the Museum is using drawing, puppetry and other arts to make health education classes more interesting, and more retainable, for kids;
  • Humanizing Medical Training: Devising Healthy Communities -discusses the project of that name at the Cleveland Clinic College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) that is exposing medical students to the impact of arts on patients and communities; and
  • Designing for the Future:Billy Bear’s Honey Chase -features the joint development of a mobile app by the Cleveland Institute of Art and Lemming Labs Limited that teaches sick or injured kids about effectively managing pain. 

The report finishes with a set of policy and practice recommendations intended to foster and enhance the intersection of arts and health: Continue>

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