February 24, 2018 |
Launch of New Technology System Improves Cardiovascular Outcomes
November 6, 2014  | 

Houston, TX – COR Medical Technologies (COR) introduces CORcare™, a comprehensive instant outcome support system for rapid and accurate diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up management of patients with acute and chronic, common and rare diseases involving the cardiovascular system.  It was developed by Vincent Friedewald, M.D., F.A.C.C., with the support of an internationally-acclaimed Senior Editorial Board. COR is a vast, one-of-a-kind relational database comprising thousands of signs and symptoms, imaging findings, laboratory abnormalities, electrocardiographic results, body area networking (BAN) measures, and genomics, as well as drugs and devices used for treatment. The technology is available to healthcare professionals on a variety of technology platforms including mobile devices. 

CORcare aims to help healthcare professionals consider all possible conditions associated with any single or combination of clinical features for rapid assistance in differential diagnosis and narrowing down to the final diagnosis. It is the first system to embed ACCF/AHA Guidelines specific to data points within each condition, providing instant graded opinions of leading authorities. This feature fully supports and uses the “Guideline Directed Medical Therapy (GDMT)” initiative of the AHA and ACC. Also based on ACCF/AHA Guidelines, CORcare provides order sets for many of the common conditions, a feature proven to reduce physician ordering time by up to 50 percent. After diagnoses and management strategies are in place, CORcare provides a secure platform for patient follow-up – called MyCOR™ – which includes tools to improve medication adherence and other telemedicine functions. Continue>

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