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Patient Tracking System Helps Hospital Save Time, Money
April 29, 2013  | 

Greenville, SC – Giant dry-erase boards detailing operating room schedules are a thing of the past at Greenville Health System’s (GHS) flagship hospital Greenville Memorial thanks to a novel patient tracking and surgery scheduling system called OR-Max™.

The new system is the only one of its kind in the nation and was developed by South Carolina-based Integrated Business Systems and Services (IBSS) in collaboration with GHS.

“Like all health care organizations, GHS is challenged with increasing efficiency and reducing costs while continuing to provide high quality care,” says Gilbert Ritchie, director of anesthesia and perfusion services at GHS. “This new technology allows us to broaden communication and gain real-time information that can help drive decisions, increase efficiency and ultimately reduce costs.”

Upon admission to Greenville Memorial, surgical patients are assigned a case number, and a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) is affixed to their chart. The RFID technology, along with interfaces to GHS’ surgical and anesthesia information systems, tracks the patient’s status as they move through the perioperative process and updates the information in the system. This information is then broadcast to a set of digital display boards located in critical care areas like pre-op and post-op. Continue>

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