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Realigning Lab Services Save Hospital $1.2M, $6M+ in New Revenue Possible
November 18, 2014  | 

Jacksonville, FL - Last year, Baptist Health in Jacksonville, FL, launched a project to realign laboratory services with its brand promise as the integrated delivery network began the migration to an accountable care organization model.

The organization wanted to

  • create a lab organizational structure to support full integration;
  • find capital/operational cost saving opportunities;
  • introduce Lean concepts to improve productivity;
  • prevent lab test leakage to competitors;
  • provide high quality with no service disruptions; and
  • position the lab to pursue managed care contracts.

Baptist Health contracted Premier Performance Partners to assess and benchmark lab operations. The goal was to realign laboratory services to integrate and/or consolidate labs from its five hospitals, find opportunities to improve productivity and reduce costs, and improve outreach. The engagement identified 17 areas to facilitate integration and improve the cost structure. The IDN then engaged Premier to work with its lab team to implement the recommendations. The process began with a managers’ retreat to involve them in planning and progressed with regular meetings with hospital presidents and other stakeholders. Continue>

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