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Minimally Invasive Treatment of Vertebral Compression Fracture Using the KivaŽ VCF Treatment System
December 17, 2014  | 

Munster, IN – Patients who have suffered a painful vertibral compression fracture have several treatment options such as conservative care, vertebroplasty, and vertebral augmentation, a minimally-invasive treatment option often referred to as kyhphoplasty. The latter is still a relatively new treatment option offered by a small group of orthopedic specialists throughout the nation. Surgeon Mark Chang, MD, the first to perform the procedure in Indiana, chooses to perform the procedure using the new Kiva® VCF Treatment System. 

“The Kiva system is a minimally-invasive solution that reduces pain and restores function for our patients and serves as an advanced alternative to balloon kyphoplasty, the current standard of care used by surgeons,” said Chang, of the Community Hospital in Munster. 

The Kiva system uses a coil-shaped implant that is delivered to the site of the fracture through a tiny (1 cm) incision in the back. Once the implant is positioned into the center of the vertebrae, a special cement is added to set the bone. The implant acts as an internal cast that stabilizes and adds support to the spinal column. 

“The Kiva implant acts as a shock absorber,” Chang said. “Treating a painful compression fracture as soon as possible can make all the difference as one fracture of the spine can lead to other fractures which in turn cause a structural change that can impact the body’s internal organs and our patients’ health.”    Continue>

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