November 18, 2017 |
No-Touch Thermometer Revolutionizes Care for Ebola and Other Highly Contagious Diseases
December 23, 2014  | 

Paris, FR – Dr. Francois Teboul understands what it means to fight Ebola. As the medical director at Visiomed, he proposes solutions and procedures to teams in West Africa that identify potential Ebola cases, slowing the spread of this highly contagious disease.

When working with a virus that is highly lethal and contagious, any margin of error can have devastating consequences. Accuracy and precision are essential when containing such a dangerous disease. Enter ThermoFlash®.

ThermoFlash® is the first instant no-contact thermometer and the choice of medical professionals fighting Ebola in regions most affected by the virus. In this ground breaking application of infrared technology, ThermoFlash® takes the temperature of the temporal artery in less than one second without touching the patient, providing a precise reading, eliminating contamination risk, and reducing the need to disinfect the thermometer after each use.

The temporal artery read by ThermoFlash® is close to the skin and connected to vital organs like the heart and brain. The natural wave emitted by this artery is spread differently depending on ambient air quality. The new generation ThermoFlash® Evolution incorporates a probe that measures ambient air quality in real-time. The probe also takes into account clinical data with a newly patented system, MicrosecondFlash Technology. Even in hot and humid climates like sub-Saharan Africa ThermoFlash® is effective and reliable. Continue>

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