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How One Struggling Hospital is on Track to Save $18M
November 11, 2015  | 
Parkersburg, WV - The Camden Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg, West Virginia, had a serious financial problem. It had been cited for regularly having "poor operating performance" and was posting operating losses of more than $6 million and $15 million in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

But after bringing in a consulting firm that helped change care its management processes and optimize its IT systems, the hospital is now on track for an $18 million improvement by year's end.

It wasn't just one issue that set the stage for CCMC's poor financial performance. There were health system-hospital integration factors (CCMC recently joined West Virginia United Health System). There were factors related to bad payer mix. There were locational factors, making it difficult to find qualified employees in the area. And some of the hospital's processes needed serious reworking.

Enter Accenture, which the hospital retained starting in October 2014 to help with care management shortcomings, and overhaul its employee physician group and IT optimization.

"This project was a lot of process work, and some people and some IT," Doug Pedersen, managing director of healthcare providers at Accenture Strategy, told Healthcare IT News. "But you have to touch all of them. It's always better to (be) comprehensive across the system."

If you go in and just focus on one area, he points points out, sometimes you fix that one area, but it negatively impacts another. Continue>

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