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BIOTRONIK Contines Support of Educational Forum
November 19, 2015  | 

Lake Iswego, OR - BIOTRONIK, Inc. continues its support of the Advanced Concepts in Electrophysiology (ACE), an educational program for electrophysiologists and device-oriented cardiologists, with the largest gathering this year in the program’s history. Hosting more than 150 specialists in cardiac rhythm management, the 2015 ACE program ‑- held for the sixth consecutive year at NYU Langone Medical Center ‑- underscores the draw of top-tier global medical education.

Course content included a blend of didactic sessions and live cases which spanned the breadth of clinical cardiac electrophysiology ‑- including atrial fibrillation, cardiac resynchronization therapy and diagnosis of complex arrhythmias ‑- in a forum designed to maximize interaction between esteemed faculty and physician participants. Live cases included ventricular and atrial tachycardia ablations, as well as implants of the latest cardiac rhythm therapy device technology.

“This unique educational program focuses on the latest advances in cardiac therapy and technology and features an internationally acclaimed faculty, whose many works and scientific contributions have helped shape the field of clinical cardiac electrophysiology,” said Larry A. Chinitz, MD, Benjamin and Coyle Family Professor of Medicine and Course Director of the educational program. “This global symposium enables us to offer a robust agenda that focuses on educating leaders in the field about the application of cutting-edge technologies and patient management strategies.” Continue>

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