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Community Hospital Using Powerful 3T MRI/Ultrasound Technology in Fight Against Prostate Cancer
November 19, 2015  | 

Munster, IN – Men with elevated and/or rising PSA levels concerned about a prostate cancer diagnosis or men in active surveillance of prostate cancer will get peace of mind with new 3T MRI technology being used at Community Hospital. Radiologists, urologists and oncologists are working together to identify, target and biopsy tumors more precisely than with conventional methods.

This new generation of MRI and software called DynaCAD for Prostate (contrast enhancement and special processing) are being used together to generate amazingly clear images of the prostate. In these images, even tiny areas of cancer can be revealed enabling physicians to determine exactly where a tumor is located in the prostate gland.

“With conventional prostate biopsies, we often have difficulty visualizing distinct lesions using ultrasound alone,” said Bruce Yalowitz, MD, urologist on staff at Community Hospital. “By combining MRI and ultrasound technologies, we are able to see the suspicious lesions to target for a biopsy.”

The enhanced visual images with the 3T MRI help physicians distinguish benign from malignant (cancer) tumors. Prostate cancer cells stand out in situations where they might normally be undetectable. Greater than 97% accuracy can now be achieved in detecting clinically significant prostate cancer or excluding significant cancer.

“With the advanced images of the 3T MRI combined with the guidance of ultrasound, we can get a much more accurate picture of where the tumor is located and how aggressive it is,” said Jonathan Lee, radiologist on staff at Community Hospital. Continue>

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