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Massive Teratoma Removed from Newlywed’s Chest
February 1, 2016  | 

Tucson, AZ - At 23-years-old, Tucson resident Ryan Winfield knew something was wrong when he woke up one morning and felt something pushing on his chest. He was young, healthy and athletic – in fact, he played volleyball just a few days prior – so no need to worry, right? Later that afternoon, he woke up from a nap and was struggling to breathe. “I laid there for a little bit hoping whatever was going on would go away. It went away to a degree, but a few hours later, I was moving some boxes and I had to sit down,” he said. “I just couldn’t breathe.”

By now, he knew something was seriously wrong.


His mother-in-law, a nurse, thought he was having an asthma attack. Winfield was rushed to the emergency department where he was given medicine for a panic attack. Doctors then realized Winfield wasn’t suffering from a panic attack at all. They ordered a CT scan of his chest.

That’s when they discovered the mass.

Winfield had a tumor sitting on top of his heart, in between his lungs. “It was bigger than a softball and shaped like a football,” he described. He was sent to an oncologist. “The oncologist said he was 80 percent certain it was Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The second he said that my wife was devastated. As the doctor stepped out of the room to take a phone call, I went to look up Hodgkin’s lymphoma on my phone, my wife said, ‘don’t look it up. I already know what it is.’” Winfield and his wife, Sarah, had only been married a few months. “I thought I only had maybe a couple years left to live. I wondered if we could ever have children,” he said. Continue>

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