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Nezzie Free Educational Tools Advance Ambulation for Better Outcomes
October 25, 2016  | 

Nezzie Patient AmbulationClifton, NJ – Effective Patient Ambulation protocols can improve patient outcomes and save hospitals significant costs. “The problem is, for a variety of reasons, many hospitals do not have such protocols in place,” says Blickman Executive Vice President Nick Marinis. To help clinician facilitate safe, early patient ambulation, Blickman, the long-time national leader in stainless steel hospital equipment and developer of the NezzieTM Patient Ambulation device, has introduce new educational tools. According to Marinis, the free tools are designed to help clinicians understand the potential savings that can be achieved with an ambulation protocol and arm them with the most current evidence-based studies and an approach to put a successful program in motion.

“Once we introduced Nezzie, and as we increased our commitment to the Patient Ambulation arena, two things quickly became clear,” explains Marinis. “First, the benefits of safe, early and frequent patient ambulation are not only proven: they are dramatic. Second, despite these benefits, the obstacles healthcare facilities face in providing safe patient ambulation are significant.” Continue>

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