January 23, 2018 |
Ascel Bio Releases Zika Virus Risk Forecast Website
May 13, 2016  | 

Ascel Bio, the commercial disease forecast and outbreak warning company today announced it is dedicating its home page to providing users a free current forecast for Zika risk.  Current city-level Zika forecasts are available for over 2000 U.S. cities, and will be updated daily.

Users of the site will see today's risks for their closest city displayed on a map.  A user may also search for today's risk forecast for another zip code.

The forecast covers the underlying environmental conditions associated with the vector.  

The Zika virus is spread primarily through infected Aedes species mosquitoes.  The forecast is focused on the risks of spread of these mosquitoes in the area.  

The forecast does not consider how many confirmed cases of Zika there have been in the local area to date or whether Zika carrying Aedes species mosquitoes have even been confirmed in the local area.   Continue>

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