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Hasbro Children's Hospital: 10 Years of Big Apple Circus Clown CareŽ Bringing Smiles to Patients and Families
May 13, 2016  | 

Providence, R.I. - Often referred to as the unsung heroes of Hasbro Children's Hospital, clown doctors from the Big Apple Circus Clown Care® Program were front and center on Monday, April 25, when the hospital celebrated the program's 10th anniversary of spreading joy and wonder to patients, families, and medical caregivers there. The Clown Care program, made possible thanks to generous support from Hasbro, Inc., uses specially trained clowns from the Big Apple Circus to help ease the stress of illness for patients and their families. 

Throughout Hasbro Children's Hospital, a group of ten clown doctors-also known as doctors of delight-work in teams of two to conduct clown rounds, where the healing power of humor is the preferred treatment. In partnership with hospital staff, these professional performers offer work one-on-one with acutely and chronically ill children, offering gentle parody with their own specialized procedures using juggling, mime, magic, and music to make light of the typical routines of medical rounds. They also help to simplify the understanding of complicated medical procedures by demonstrating their own version of clown medicine, such as funny bone cleanings, red nose transplants, sweet lullabies, or toilet paper bandages.

"No matter the reason for a child and their family to be at our hospital, there is going to be increased anxiety and nervousness, but when I think of the smiles the Clown Care program has brought to countless faces, I may be the one flashing the biggest smile," said Phyllis A. Dennery, MD, Pediatrician-in-Chief of Hasbro Children's Hospital. "We are so grateful to the Big Apple Circus for providing an outlet for children's natural love of silliness and fun." Continue>

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