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Study Identifies Better Construction Solution for Infection Prevention
December 9, 2016  | 

Lorena, TX – An independent study conducted by Xenex Healthcare Services, LLC. has determined that the mfPHD Fortress modular stainless steel room system is a superior construction choice in medical facilities for Infection Prevention. According to the study, the Fortress System which uses stainless steel panels instead of drywall construction, harbored 50% less bacteria than traditionally constructed Operating Rooms. 


Xenex, a leader in infection prevention assessment and widely known for its UV room sanitizing robots, conducted the study in operating rooms after cases were completed and before terminal cleaning. Four standard constructed ORs were compared to four mfPHD constructed rooms at the same facility. Five surfaces were considered, including walls, storage cabinet doors, documentation stations, entry doors and monitor screens. The study results showed the bacteria colony count in the standard constructed rooms was essentially double that of the mfPHD rooms.

“We have said that the mfPHD Fortress System should be a hospital’s first line of defense in Infection Prevention,” said mfPHD Principal Jason Keith, “This is the first independent, objective and quantifiable confirmation of this vital benefit.” Continue>

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