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Chaplains Help in Good Times and In Bad
October 25, 2016  | 

Tuscon, AZ - Tuscon Medical Center (TMC) has recognized members of Pastoral Services as part of Pastoral Care Week 2016. With full hearts filled with compassion and kindness, these chaplains offer spiritual comfort to patients, families and staff.

“It’s an honor to be invited into a sacred space of transition,” said Amy Barron-Gafford, a TMC chaplain who works primarily with hospice patients and their families, “whether it’s toward health and wholeness or death and wholeness.”

TMC chaplains help celebrate good news as well as be present for people in hard times.

They bless new babies and new buildings, including the TMC Surgical & Orthopaedic Tower when it opened. And, most importantly, they are available around the clock to support those in crises. Whether it’s bad news from a test or the loss of a loved one, TMC chaplains are part of our cadre of caring staff. Chaplains are trained and skilled in supporting people of all faiths or no faiths.

“Everyone wants to be seen and honored and part of our role is to see people for who they are, to offer compassion free of judgment,” she said.


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