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Big Pharma Getting Back Together with Medical Education
October 25, 2016  | 

Research Triangle Park, NC - Despite a tenuous past relationship, the pharmaceutical industry is getting back together with continuing medical education (CME) events, according to new research published by business intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information.

The pharmaceutical industry's affiliation with medical education events has waxed and waned through the decades, often shifting as regulations changed. But after years of decreased involvement and financial support for CME programs, Cutting Edge Information's analysis shows that 91% of global teams responsibilities' include providing funding for accredited CME. Furthermore, at the country-level, 89% or surveyed corporate teams supported CME events. However, all US medical education teams claimed responsibility for this same activity.

According to a new study, Medical Education: Innovating CME to Improve Patient Outcomes, the medical education team's geographic location plays a large role in determining the CME activities for which it is responsible. For example, all surveyed US medical education teams are responsible for providing grants for independent medical education.

Along similar lines, company-driven medical education is governed under promotional speaking event standards in the US, so the medical education team may often be under a company's commercial organization. As a result, only 11% of surveyed US medical education teams are responsible for planning company-driven medical education events, and very few recruit or train educational speakers as well. Continue>

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