February 18, 2018 |
iSpecimen® Announces Expansion
December 9, 2016  | 

Lexington, MA — iSpecimen®, a source of customized human biospecimen collections, recently announced that it has made sizeable increases to the number and types of clinical organizations participating in its partner network.

As a result, the company can now offer scientists faster access to a more diverse array of human biospecimens for medical research.

Initially founded as a provider of remnant clinical biospecimens, iSpecimen can additionally source biospecimens collected specifically for research from its partner network that includes hospitals, commercial labs, clinics and practice groups, biorepositories, blood centers, healh information exchanges, and clinical research sites.

Because scientists require highly specific, customized collections that meet precise inclusion and exclusion criteria, human biospecimens and the associated data are now in more demand than ever, according to the company

Due to evolving researcher needs, iSpecimen’s virtual network has now expanded to include annual access to more than 25 million remnant specimens and nearly 5 million patient encounters from whom specimens can be prospectively collected with patient consent under institutional review board protocols.

Additionally, the company has access to hundreds of thousands of biobanked samples and all specimens are sourced with de-identified patient and specimen-level data, depending on the institution providing the sample.

The technology plugs into electronic medical records, able to harmonize data from diverse sources, effectively making for a searchable marketplace. Continue>

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