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Axsis Surgical Robot Uses Flexible Tools For Precise Procedures
December 9, 2016  | 

Cambridge, UK — Cambridge Consultants recently presented the Axsis surgical robot. With an external body the size of a soda can and instruments only 1.8mm in diameter, they believe the Axsis exemplifies the future of surgical robotics.

The prototype’s flexible instruments – as opposed to the rigid ones featured in popular da Vinci systems from Intuitive Surgical – are what allow for the device’s reduced size, eliminating the need for a large range of motion outside the body.

Chris Wagner, head of advanced surgical systems at Cambridge Consultants, said cataract surgery — as shown in their demonstration video — was a prime example of procedures that can be improved with this kind of small-scale surgical technology.

“This is an area that seems ripe for the sorts of benefits that robots can provide,” Wagner said, “Motion scaling, tremor reduction, image guidance to avoid sensitive tissues.” 

With this in mind, he also believes Axsis’ technology can be used for other procedures that require a high level of precision and minimally invasive access, such as early intervention cancer treatments, gastrointestinal tract procedures, or the placement of certain neurosimulation implants.

“Axsis proves that it is not only possible to create surgical robots that are smaller than ever before,” Wagner said, “but also to target surgical procedures with robotics that were previously out of reach.” Continue>

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