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Psilocybin Linked to Depression Relief - Lancet Study
December 9, 2016  | 

London, UK — A study preformed by researchers from Imperial College in London has concluded that psilocybin – the active compound found in psychedelic mushrooms – may be an effective therapeutic treatment for patients with unipolar treatment-resistant depression.

In the study, 12 patients, who had found no relief from depressive symptoms after two separate anti-depressant regiments, were administered two oral doses of psilocybin – one small, one large – a week apart, while supervised by therapists.

According to the study’s results, Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptoms (QIDS) depression scores were significantly reduced from baseline to one week and three months post-treatment. Eight of the patients achieved complete remission at one week and seven patients met criteria for response at three months, with five of those still in complete remission.

Because this study didn’t include a control group, no concrete claims can be made just yet. But these preliminary results, the authors believe, open the door for further, more complete trials, yet they stress the need for appropriate safeguards before the administration of psilocybin. 

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