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UV Infection Prevention Moves to Hospital Cafeterias
December 9, 2016  | 

South Hill, VA — Advanced Ultra-Violet
Systems’ proven germicidal enclosure, now in place in many leading hospitals has also found a home in the cafeteria.

The AUVS KR615
Germicidal Enclosure was developed specifically to address
the issue of mobile devices that move freely around hospitals and
are known agents of cross-contamination. Similar issues exist in the food service industry where cell phones and other small food-handling devices frequently come in close contact with food. According to studies more than 85% of cell phones carry significant contamination even after being cleaned with chemical wipes. Cell phones have even been described in Infection Prevention media as having contamination levels on par with toilets.

Wipes and other chemical-based methods used to clean phones and small tablets are widely available, but are ineffective and require excessive time and exact handling to achieve their advertised levels of disinfection. Also, because of their harsh nature and often offensive odor, food handlers tend to avoid using them or do so sparingly. Even if these and other manual cleaning methods are used, their effectiveness is dependent upon the thoroughness of each individual worker.

The KR615’s Ultra-Violet technology is proven in independent lab results to sanitize 99.9% of C. diff, MRSA, noroviruses, E. coli and other bacteria in just 48 seconds.

High-touch devices that move in and out of areas where food is handled can be cleaned as often as necessary. Each item is simply placed inside the enclosure, the KR615’s door is closed and the press of a button begins a UV decontamination cycle. Continue>

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