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Eigen Capital Unveils Monarch Medical Technologies, New Corporate Entity Behind EndoTool™
June 3, 2013  | 

Charlotte, NC – Palo Alto, Calif.-based private investment firm Eigen Capital LLC, which acquired the EndoTool business from Hospira Worldwide in September 2012, today unveiled the company’s new identity as Monarch Medical Technologies. The announcement came as the company made its first public debut at the 2013 National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition held May 20–23, 2013, in Boston.


The Monarch name was selected to reflect the company’s mission of transforming the way drugs of concern are dosed and processes of concern are handled in a hospital setting. Monarch’s flagship product, the EndoTool Glucose Management System, is a market-leading software solution that provides unsurpassed patient-specific glycemic control across a broad population of patients.


Dr. Wilson Constantine CEO Monarch Medical TechnologiesEigen Capital also disclosed its appointment of medical device industry veteran Dr. Wilson Constantine as Monarch Medical Technologies’ chief executive officer. Bringing nearly two decades of executive leadership experience to the company, Dr. Constantine joined concurrently with the divesture and has been instrumental in shaping the new company’s vision, focus and future product pipeline. He came to Monarch Medical Technologies from Fortune 500 market leader Stryker Orthopaedics, where he served as vice president of commercial operations. Dr. Constantine has also held general management, product development, sales, marketing and strategy positions with leading medical products innovators and venture-backed entities as well as established medical device companies Aesculap-B/Braun, Henry Schein Inc., and Smith and Nephew. Continue>

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