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Sanford Health Offers Unique Trial For Shoulder Injuries
January 10, 2017  | 

Sioux Falls, SD — Sanford Health is offering the first FDA-approved clinical trial of its kind in the United States, using a person’s own fat-derived adult stem cells to treat shoulder injuries.

The trial opened in December and explores if adipose stem cells, which are taken from a participant’s own abdominal fat, can safely repair small and partial thickness tears in the rotator cuff by activating the body’s natural healing processes when injected into the injured area. The cell therapy technique may accelerate healing or regenerate tissue.

According to, it’s the only trial the FDA has approved that uses adipose stem cells for this type of injury.

Sanford’s Jason Hurd, MD, who is based in Sioux Falls, and Mark Lundeen, MD, of Fargo are the study’s principal investigators. Both are orthopedic surgeons.

“Sanford Health physicians and scientists are the first in the country to work with the FDA on a trial using adipose stem cells in rotator cuff tears, which are quite common,” said Kelby Krabbenhoft, president and CEO of Sanford Health. “We’ve been monitoring the potential of these types of stem cells for quite some time.”

Sanford’s cell therapy techniques focus on adipose-derived stem cells because they can be used in many parts of the body and are easily collected. Adipose stem cells also yield many times more cells than other sources like bone marrow, can be returned to the body quickly, and have a low infection rate. Continue>

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