February 24, 2018 |
LUKE Arm Prostheses Available for Wounded Warriors
January 10, 2017  | 

“The commercial production and availability of these remarkable arms for patients marks a major milestone in the RP program and, most importantly, an opportunity for our wounded warriors to enjoy a major enhancement in their quality of life,” Sanchez said. “And we are not stopping here. In addition to supporting the initial production of these near-natural prostheses, the RP program is continuing to make huge strides in the restoration of upper arm control. Ultimately we envision these limbs providing even greater dexterity and highly refined sensory experiences by connecting them directly to users’ peripheral and central nervous systems.”

Under a recently finalized agreement between DARPA and WRNMMC, DARPA will transfer LUKE arms from an initial-production run to the medical center for prescription to patients yet to be selected. Mobius Bionics will train the WRNMMC staff on fitting the prostheses as well as provide service and support of the arm. Link

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