March 22, 2018 |
Featured Hospital
Franciscan Health Heart Center

Indiana Hospital Offers Stroke Prevention Technology For Afib Patients
Indianapolis, IN ­­— Franciscan Health Heart Center is one of the first hospitals in Indiana offering atrial fibrillation patients a device that greatly reduces their risk of stroke. View All Hospitals >
Robotic Prosthetic
Featured Technology
LUKE Arm Prostheses Available for Wounded Warriors
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center recently debuted their new LUKE arm prosthetic developed under DARPA. Bethesda, MD — The recent holiday season brought high-tech offerings for U.S. war veterans in the form of sophisticated bionic arms developed under the direction of DARPA. Full Story >
Rotator Cuff Trial
On The Horizon
Sanford Health Offers Unique Trial For Shoulder Injuries
The trial at Sanford is the first of its kind for rotator cuff injuries. Sioux Falls, SD — Sanford Health is offering the first FDA-approved clinical trial of its kind in the United States, using a person’s own fat-derived adult stem cells to treat shoulder injuries. Full Story >
Smart Moves
Hill-Rom to Acquire Mortara Instrument
Hill-Rom has acquired Mortara for $330 million in cash. Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI — Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc, recently announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Mortara Instrument, Inc. Full Story >
Facebook Livestream
Continuing Education
Facebook Live's First CME-Accredited Livestream Course
Zubin Damania, MD, also known as ZDoggMD, recently hosted the first CME course via Facebook Live. Basking Ridge, NJ — Physician’s Weekly and Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare (AKH) recently launched the first ever CME-accredited course broadcast through Facebook’s Live functionality. Full Story >
News Briefs
Parkinson's Treatment
Parkinson's Drug Meant to Work With Levodopa
The Portuguese company believes that using opicapone alongside levodopa will show better results in Parkinson's patients. Portugal — New research into Parkinson’s disease suggests that people with the disease may achieve better and more reliable motor control by taking opicapone, an experimental drug, alongside the standard levodopa. Full Story >
Electronic Nerve Implants
Researchers Use Electric Stimulation For Inflammatory Diseases
Atlanta, GA — Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a procedure to help fight serious chronic inflammatory diseases that functions similarly to a pacemaker.  Full Story >
Tracking and Communication
Healthcare IT
New MobileHelp® Tablet Allows for Patient-Doctor Communication
The new MobileHelp® tablet will have many features including messaging and video chatting capabilities. Las Vegas, NV — MobileHelp® has debuted a new tablet format that they believe blends the safety benefits of a medical alert system with the added health benefits of telehealth technology and video conferencing. Full Story >
Featured Video
Arthrex Knee Scorpion™ Suture Passer - Meniscal Vertical Repair
Cancer Diagnoses
Safety First
High Rate of Failure Found In Colorectal Cancer Diagnoses
The study showed that 71 percent of patients experienced at least one process-of-care failure in the workup of rectal bleeding. Oak Brook, IL — A study published in January's Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety found that 71 percent of patients experienced at least one process-of care failure in the workup of rectal bleeding — a potential sign of colon cancer. Full Story >
Lancet Studies - Gastric Bypass Helps Severely Obese Teenagers
Two studies note gastric bypass can increase health in obese teens, but is not without risk. London, UK — Two recent follow-up studies posted in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology have suggested that gastric bypass surgery helps severely obese teenagers lose weight and keep it off, while some patients will likely need further surgery to deal with the complications of rapid weight loss or may develop vitamin deficiencies later in life. Full Story >
Palliative Care
Parkland’s Palliative Care Program Aims to Empower Those with Serious Disease
Parkland's Palliative Care Program is one of the largest in the country. Dallas, TX — Started in 1999, the Palliative Care program at Parkland Memorial Hospital was one of the first in the state of Texas, and continues to be one of the largest, both in Texas and in the nation. Full Story >